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In The Night Kitchen

I love our new home ... it's small and has white shutters and a huge tree in the front yard and an upstairs deck that looks out over more tall trees ...

Bucky now has a superior above-the-ground view of the two Labrador Retrievers next door. He LOVES that. They are below him, whining and barking and he stands above, much like Julius Caesar, looking down over the proletariat.

The first nights in a new house are always strange ... no lights where there used to be lights ... and here, a strange silence. This neighborhood is so quiet, it was hard to sleep.

But we're getting used to the peace and quiet. The whoosh of trees in the wind at night ... and now there is a nightlight in the kitchen.

In the night kitchen.

drawings from Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen


Blogger Bela said...

Peace and quiet! Sounds idyllic to me. :-)

Hope you and Jim and Bucky will be very happy in your new home. xoxo

11:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! We bake cake and nothing's the matter.

Your new place sounds peaceful and lovely. I'm sure Bucky has already set about exporing the place as is his wont as the lord of the manor ;P

2:28 PM

Blogger Trina said...

Your new how sounds absolutely perfect! If you ever get sick of that quiet, just send a bit to me :~D

8:39 PM

Blogger red-queen said...

Congratulations on your new place! I imagine Bucky pronouncing, "Speak, Caesar is turned to hear."

I've tagged you on my blog for a little 4x4 meme - I hope you'll have the time to play :>)


8:38 AM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Wooo sounds nice!

12:33 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Wonderful, Mireille. Quiet is good. If I'm not mistaken, you changed neighborhoods online as well. I bet you've been using skin cream with placenta.

3:26 PM


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