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Ormonde Jayne Woman

Every time I publish a few emotionally fraught posts, I think I need to step it up with the fragrance reviews ...

So. Today is Ormonde Woman, one of the beautiful Linda Pilkington creations for her Ormonde Jayne atelier.

Herby, herbaceous ... I think that's the redolence of Black Hemlock I'm smelling.

Ah, but no. The notes, per Ms. Pilkington, are: cardamom, coriander and grass oil, black hemlock, violet and jasmine absolute, vetivert, cedar wood, amber and sandalwood.

The initial impression of herb and spices must be due to the cardamom, coriander, grass components ... a dark, dark green scent that slowly gives way to floral-tinged woods.

It is a womanly scent. Not an iota of fruit (fruit! ick!) in the whole thing. Just subtle smoothness, slightly sweet, darkly green, wafting in your wake.

The perfect scent for sitting here, listening to the first Christmas music of the season.


Blogger Doug said...

Black hemlock for atracting philosophers?

5:01 AM

Blogger Laura said...

We're running in parallel---I wore Ormonde today, too. Sometimes it's the only thing to do. Happy winter, dear M.

3:02 PM

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Are you better? Did you call your brother? I wish I could call one of my sisters.

5:33 AM

Blogger Val said...

It sounds perfect! I'll have to find that somewhere...

6:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a masterpiece, the closest thing to a chypre that I can actually wear.

7:59 PM


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