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Ormonde Jayne Champaca

A restrained whiteflower fragrance, which should be applauded, since subtlety and a light-handed touch is a rarity in summer scents ... but I come away disappointed.

Champaca seems dilute, somehow. As if something was missing and I can't figure out what.

It's as if a very reserved, elegant Anglo perfumer applied her skills to the tropical scent stream and somehow "whitened" everything up. No color, no passion.

The notes are neroli, pink pepper and bamboo, Champaca and freesia absolutes, basmati, myrrh, green tea notes and musk.

Too much rice and tea. Bland. Even the signature pink pepper doesn't liven it up. There's no there, there.

But the scent has been on me less than an hour, and I've noticed Ormonde Jayne fragrance often develops stronger scent characteristics over time, as the pepper base further develops. I'm hopeful.


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