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Amusing Myself

Cleaning house today, I came across my list of Scents I've Sampled.

And I must have -- literally -- fifty more squirreled away that I need to sample. Plus there are some I'm sure I haven't recorded.

At one point I had a spreadsheet with notes on each fragrance. I think I need to do that again, but keep it up this time. What is the point of experiencing these fragrances -- some of them rare and hard to get -- if you don't remember anything about them. I guess I'll need to start over.

Well. It keeps me off the streets.

Narcisse Noir
Floris Gardenia
Crown Stephanotis
Sage Sage
Crown Tanglewood Bouquet
KM Osmanthus
MPG Freezia d'Or
Mimosa pour moi
L'Artisan Chasse Papillion
Sage Amethyst
SL Datura Noir
Vicolo Fiori
Bulgari Extreme
Terre d'Orient Myrrh Acquoprofumo
SL Fumerie Turque
SL Fleurs d'Citronnier
SL Fleurs d'Orange
Exact Friction of Stars
To Twirl All Girly
KM Osmanthus
SMN Verbena
TDC Bergamot
DelRae Bois de Paradis
Sage Jade
Sage Turquoise
SL Un Bois Vanille
Seve Exquise
10 Corso Como
Escada Collection
24 Fauborg
Vanille Boisee Madagascar
Sage Pearl
JM French Lime Blossom
JM Lime Basil Mandarin

More Amusement
Anne Pliska

Etro Shaal Nur
Tam Dao
Teint de Neige
Sage Amber
USP Funeral
Gres Cabaret
Sage Topaz
Sage Garnet
Perfect Innocence
Perfect Love
Perfect Twilight
Perfect Veil
Mea Culpa
Molinard Feuilles de Rose
Alexandra de Markoff Essence Mist
AG Ce Soir ou Jamais
Guerlain Rosa Magnifica
Clearing's Winter Rose
MPG Opulente
DHS Baroque
SL Sa Majeste La Rose
Ecume de Rose
Rochas Tocade
DSH American Beauty
LV Donna
Un Zeste de Rose
Muguet de Rosine
Ete d'Ete
Rose Muskissime
DSH Ivoire
CDG2 Red Rose
Stella Sheer
Crown Rose
Diptyque Opone
Yosh Whiteflowers

Amusement III
JM Red Roses

Aftelier Perfume Maroc
TDC Rose Poivree
Oudh Queen Rose
FSBT Breathe
Guerlain Nahema
Rosa Flamenca
SL Rose de Nuit
Creed Tubereuse Indiana
MPG Jardin Blanc
JM Orange Blossom
Weleda Wild Rose Oil
Rykiel Rose
Molinard Vanilla Patchouli
Miller et Bertaux #2 Spiritus/Land
Nanadebary pink
Floris China Rose
OJ Ta'if
C&S Dark Rose
Chantecaille Darby Rose
LMDV Givree
LMDV Mexique
LMDV Madagascar
Demeter Belladonna
Crown Marechale
Elizabeth W. Rose
Henri Bendel Rose Petals
Floris Malmaison
SIP Con Brio
SIP Black Rosette
Rich Hippie Wild Thing
Clearing's Green Woody Roses
Lagniappe Oaks Cameo Rose
YSL Roses de Bois
FM Une Rose
BPAL Empress
DSH Un Robe de Zibelline

To Be Continued...
BPAL Seraglio

BPAL Alice
BPAL Zombi
BPAL Old London
BPAL Persephone
KM Loukhoum
PdN Vanilla
L'Aromarine Vanille
KM Mogador
KM Damascena
L'Artisan Drole Rose
KM Bois de Santal
Calypso Rose
Rosine Poussiere de Rose
SSS Tranquility
SSS Marrakesh
SSS Amber Rose
SSS Rose Kissed


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