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Top Ten Summer Scents

Today I join other blogging perfumistas in a public service announcement. There's still time to smell good this summer. Here are my favorite ways to do it:

Gres Cabaret: A brisk citrusy-woodsy rose that as I'm fond of saying, repeatedly, makes me a one-woman party. The brightest, sparkling rose, lily of the valley, peony, and pink bay layered over middle notes of incense and blue orris, and finished with sandalwood, amber, and musk.

Paco Rabanne Calandre: Mysterious metallic non-sweet floral with seamless composition. Greens and bergamot, rose, geranium, sandalwood and musk; seriously aldehydic. I love this, the fragrance of which I've emptied the most bottles.

Serge Lutens Datura Noir: Osmanthus, heliotrope, mandarin, lemon flower and tuberose. Vanilla, a lighter touch of coconut oil; on me, the apricot doesn't show. A night-blooming female, rather than girlish, floral.

Parfums DelRae Debut: If there can be a light tropical fragrance, this is it. What would be heavy sweetness of whiteflowers is artfully cut with pale citrus ... and I love the sheer drydown (I'm more of a vetiver fan than I thought).

clearing Green Rose: I'm never sure of how to define her work ... this atypical rose is bittersweet at first, softening down to a beautifully soft but never sweet rose.

clearing Herbal Lavender: Clean, refreshing fragrance ... it will cool you off no matter how hot the day. The herbal component isn't sharp, but it isn't sweet, either. A perfect late day summer fragrance.

Yosh U4EEAH!: This scent makes me unreasonably happy, with a primary note that I usually don't like: fruit ... but lovely, strange, pale green fruit. There's magic in this scent.

Frederic Malle Une Rose: A complicated fragrance with notes including Turkish rose absolute and geranium. It deserves the "heady" label: a perfect match to a steamy summer day.

L'Artisan Voleur de Rose: "Rose Thief" A sharp rose, nearly astringent. Notes of plum, patchouli and rose energize rather than comfort. I love it for its invigorating strangeness.

clearing Wild Summer Rose: Jasmine, rose and iris in perfect complement ... that somehow make me hum "Wild Thing." Nuanced with notes of neroli, bergamot, and ? She doesn't tell.

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Blogger AP3 said...

I can read your posts just fine, btw. All this information is interesting... it's funny, though, I have a really weak sense of smell!

7:23 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

(Just a note off topic, in case you're still wondering: I can't really make out your blog desc, the art, life, love, perfume bit. I am on Internet Explorer for a browser, so perhaps that makes a difference?)

I wish I could do Cabaret when it's hot out! It smells like a burning icky garbage can on me though unless it's moderately cool outside.

So many of clearing's! You are going to have to twist her arm on letting the rest of the world know how to get their hands on these.

I am so glad you picked some roses. I nearly did, but realized I was so fickle picking them this summer that I could isolate a single one, really. I do love your description "invigorating straneness" especially. Such a vivid choice of words.

And I know you've been loving Calandre so no shock there, heh :)

12:35 AM

Blogger ParisLondres said...

Great list M! I am sure clearing's perfumes are gorgeous.
As you happen to enjoy them so much. Does she have a site?


1:03 AM

Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Great list M! So happy to see Delrae Debut. I would not have thought PA could have a summer too hot for Debut, but it turns out that we can. My list is almost all citrus as a result :-)

4:46 AM

Blogger Campaspe said...

Debut is lovely and I must sniff it again. I very nearly included Datura Noir but Chantecaille Frangipane edged it out at the last minute. Such a lot of roses, I love it!

6:10 AM

Blogger Tania said...

Drat, when is Clearing going to sell her stuff to the world?

I was thinking of putting Une Rose and Voleur de Roses on my list too, but they missed the final cut because I considered them in contest with each other for one slot (the odd rose slot) and eventually threw up my hands and decided they were fall scents and out of the running.

6:17 AM

Blogger Bela said...

The only fragrance I really love on that list is Calandre. I'm not so fond of rose scents. I could love Datura Noir without the coconut.

You have quite a few perfumes I don't know on your list. Clearing should definitely "expand".

6:36 AM

Blogger Annieytown said...

This is a great list filled with beautiful rose based fragrances. I am also a fan of Datura Noir. I am on my second bottle.

I am on the list for a sample of clearing's rose incense. Cold weather can not come fast enough now! This is a huge compliment because I DREAD Ohio winter weather.

6:49 AM

Blogger boisdejasmin said...

Oh, how I love roses! Your list is enticing, because you include so many of them. However, like Robin, I have been suffering too much from the oppressive heat in PA to wear anything other than very light.

7:17 AM

Blogger Urban Chick said...

oooh, i need to read all these - i need some perfume ideas from your experts...

can't spend the next thirty years with just a bottle of chanel no.5 adorning my bathroom shelf, can i?!

11:33 AM

Blogger actonbell said...

Gres Cabaret makes you a one woman party? That's fantastic--if this isn't the way they market it, you should tell them!

3:41 PM

Blogger Diane said...

Why, just look at all those roses! I love it. And Datura Noir is a gorgeous summer choice. I'm very curious about the clearing line as well. They must do roses marvelously.

4:08 PM

Blogger Atreau said...

Oh M, such a wonderful list! I think I may have to one day cave on U4EEAH!

Cabaret is so much nicer on me in cooler weather!

Have recently fallen for Une Rose and Voleur de Rose!

Clearing's fragrances sound divine, hope she has then available for sale soon!

6:20 PM

Blogger careerlady (on said...

Do you think clearning's Wild Summer Rose is similar to Rich Hippie's Wild Thing? That would be wonderful! I'm glad you listed Voleur de Rose, I've neglected mine and I used to wear it every day for months at a time. Such a beauty. I've never tried clearing perfumes but I think I must from reading your beautiful list! Hugs, L

6:52 PM

Blogger still life said...

I love L'Artisan...have you ever seen the rose shaped sachets or the wooden fragrance balls for room fresheners? Beautiful.

7:15 PM

Blogger Koneko said...

I confess I know nothing of clearing, and now I'm intrigued! =)

7:22 PM


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