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Oh. I Remembered That Post.

Let us now speak of the air sickness bag.

And of the world traveler who sat behind us on the flight from Detroit to Seattle. The flight in which all 200 or so of us sat on the plane, holding hands and singing kumbyah during the hour delay during which our pilot sonorously intoned that "well, folks, our hydraulics on one side were over serviced and we'll have just a little wait here while we get that other side balanced." Whatever that meant.

Anyway, we have a world traveler behind us. Who is a corporate traveler with zillions of frequent flyer miles because he travels the world. A distinguished gentleman who is loudly proclaiming his experience just yesterday in the Senate chamber, almost simultaneously with his loud proclamation to the flight attendant that he needs "two vodkas, a little ice and a touch of bloody mary mix." He did this two and a half times(totalling five drinks) before takeoff.

We got a few more insights into his professional endeavors (in Africa and in the Senate chamber), as well as his vast and unending love for "my beautiful bride who I've slept with for 41 years" before he started retching and throwing up into the aforementioned air sickness bag.

The flight attendant was not impressed. The passenger sitting beside the sick world traveler was not impressed, and managed to work into the conversation a question about whether his seatmate had been exposed to Ebola during his travels.

I think it was the five drinks. Before takeoff.


Blogger Bela said...

Ugh, how horrible! Throwing up can be contagious too: it's the sound of it. I've never understood why they served alcohol on airplanes (well, I know why they do, but they shouldn't, should they?).

Did he shut up after that?

3:45 AM

Blogger TLP said...

Ugh! Actually the airlines aren't supposed to let anyone have that much alcohol are they?

I bet he would have been drunk even if he were sober.

7:06 AM

Blogger ariel said...

My understanding is that they serve alcohol, so those that drink won't care when the plane crashes. I know it doesn't sound logical because most passangers don't get drunk and there's a lot of problem with those that do, or until the plane crashes when the sober ones will be the problem.

And there's always someone to bring up ebola in the critical moment, hehe...

9:54 AM

Blogger audible said...

If the goal of serving booze is to keep people happy and calm, airlines would do a lot better passing out complementary warm milk and brownies. I work in bars/clubs and see so much violence and general bad behavior that comes from alcohol. If they feel drugs are necessary to keep people happy they should try a little pot in the brownie mix.

7:12 PM

Blogger Trina said...

Gee! What a suave, well-traveled jerk :~P

9:24 PM


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