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They Dance, Too ... But Croc-less

Now I have my Crocs.

This is an ode to them: I love them.

They are more comfortable than barefoot. I wish I could sleep in them.

They make me want to dance! And I am already dreaming of my next pair: purple, I think.

*I have received no compensation for this endorsement. Although if Crocs would like to send me a big check, I would love their product even more*


Blogger deleted said...

Another one lost to the dark side... Do you wear them in the public?

I admit that after hearing all the raves I`ve been thinking about ordering a pair of Crocs (some less ugly model, like Nile or Scutes) for my mother, to wear around the house and garden. She is always hunting for comfy shoes and I think she deserves comfort at home too, not just at work.

8:49 AM

Blogger sarasotagirl said...


5:00 PM

Blogger Doug said...

Ode-iferous shoes!

7:42 AM

Blogger Lulu said...

If only I knew what Crocs were like...mybe you posted a picture before and I didn't see it...?

I'm all for comfort in footwear. And especially if you can combine with COLOUR!

5:07 AM


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