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She was an elegant little dog. Not so little, medium maybe. Gray and black and white with a pink tongue and black eyes. And slightly crooked bottom teeth. and a white-tipped tail that would windmill when she ran down the sidewalk toward the house.

She liked to lie near the stove when I was cooking and just watch. If I dropped anything, bonus.

She liked to ride in the car and growl softly if she saw something she didn't approve of. Like skateboarders. She hated skateboarders

She liked being brushed and she liked milkbones and she liked to talk. If she felt we weren't paying attention, she would actually say "aroooooooh" and butt us in the knees.

She liked lying in the grass with her rawhide bone. She liked to be chased but not to chase. She liked jumping the steps. She liked going to get the mail.

Her coat was kind of silky and flowed out behind her when she ran, with her tail like a plume.

It’s only been ten months.


Blogger katiedid said...

Asta as in The Thin Man's Asta?

That's a lovely remembrance of your dog. I'm so sorry she's gone. It's hard to lose a dog, and people who aren't dog lovers don't always seem to understand that it's a best friend and family member you've lost.

(My dog hates skateboarders, too. And bicyclists. And scooters. Pretty much anyone on wheels. Including wheelchairs, which is intensely embarrassing, because it makes it look like my dog is a bigot!)

11:26 AM

Blogger mireille said...

"makes it look like my dog is a bigot" LOLOLOLOL. yes, it was Asta from the Thin Man. Although she didn't look much like that kind of terrier, she had some terrier in her. Once someone stopped and said, "Ahhhh. A Tibetan Terrier!" Um, yes. Exactly. (?)

11:35 AM


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