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Falling Out of Love

You start to notice the little things.
Like how you don't post as much.
Like how you never learned to use your digital camera to post your own visuals.
Like how you now hate the color scheme that you tried to superimpose over the kind but Levittown-esque Blogger template.
Like how even your faithful three (maybe up to six) readers agree with you that your Blog is boring.
At least you still like the name.
So ... what do you do when you have to break up with your blog?
You knock the whole damn thing down (after taking time to sift through the 799 previous posts {YES, THIS IS ACTUALLY THE 800TH POST} to see what's worth saving)
And start over.
Look for a New and Different C'est Chic coming soon.


Rabbit, Rabbit

Ok, just imagine you see a rabbit in this space. Like a Cheshire cat, only different. Thank you.